B&FC: Mock Interview Day

This morning, Karen Knight, our Head of People & Talent, went along to Blackpool & Fylde College as part of an initiative to give some of the students ‘mock interviews’.

Education Business Partnership are working in conjunction with Blackpool and the Fylde College, asking local companies whether they would like to support students by taking part in mock interviews and providing them constructive feedback on their performance, enabling them for the real thing!

After her visit Karen explained, “I met with a number of young students at the college doing various courses, such as joinery and catering. There were some ambitious students who knew what they wanted to do in their careers and were really focused. It’s great to be able to help the students prepare for interviews so they go in knowing what to expect and how to succeed in them. They were all open to feedback and really took on board what advice they were given. It’s a great initiative as no-one knows automatically how to do in an interview or what to expect in terms of questions or how best to frame the responses. I enjoyed the morning and enjoyed meeting the students who were all positive about the experience and grateful for the advice and the opportunity. This is something I’d happily do again as it’s good to help them prepare for their future and give them some hints and tips in how to act, what to say and sometimes what not to say”!

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