Two new employees join DES

DES are proud to have recruited two young and upcoming individuals to join the DES team, Lauren and Matthew. We support all new employees by ensuring they reach their full potential and are given the correct training and guidance. We are fully committed to focusing our time on our people. Our people are our drive.

Lauren Hope Wheatley

Throughout my time looking for full time employment, I was keen to join an organisation that could offer me genuine opportunities and experiences. Having limited knowledge in the electrical industry and experience in my desired job role, DES were very welcoming and willing to provide me with all the support I needed to kick start my career.

My role at DES is to assist the Marketing and HR department. I feel as though working closely with both sectors in the organisation enables me to widen my knowledge and learn new skills.

Matthew Drury

I’ve been a recent addition to the DES team and have found DES to be a thoroughly interesting and innovative company to work for, despite my limited time with them. I was well introduced to my role as the Pre-Con Coordinator, all staff are honest, helpful and hard working. I believe my new position is a very exciting opportunity.

DES really is a fantastic company to work for, in which I aim to strive towards helping the company to the best of my ability and pick up any new skills to help further myself as an employee.

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