Work Experience

This week we have had Roman from St Mary’s Catholic Academy on work experience at DES.

During his time he has been helping various different departments such as Purchasing, HR and Estimating to gain a more all rounded feel of DES.

On his first day, Roman put together ‘Tender Submission’ folders for our Southern office. This task gave him an insight to what content is required to produce the documents for a new upcoming project.

He was also shown how to mark up and quantify the electrical accessories and equipment on a drawing by our Estimating department.

In addition to this, Roman has also been given an insight into how to build and shape conduit for Kingston University. This has given him valuable experience as when he leaves school he would like to become an Apprentice Electrician.

Roman commented: ‘I have really enjoyed myself at DES and when I leave school I hope to become an Apprentice Electrician. I have gained loads of experience and have learnt a lot about the company.’





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