Our Apprentices


Taking on an apprentice is an investment in DES’s future; it unlocks the great potential of young people and provides development opportunities for the work force. Training and development is often experienced across a company when they support an apprentice.

The type of candidate most suited to an apprenticeship in the electrical industry.

The first and most important part of taking on an apprentice is making sure that any new apprentice will fit into our existing team and has the aptitude to succeed in the demanding technical aspects of the training and work environment.

We look for potential apprentice electricians who are practical, well presented and will be able to meet the full requirements of the industry training programme. On leaving school they should have at least 3 GCSE’s at C grade or above, one being in a technical or science subject. A good grasp of Maths and English is also important.

Providing the right training programme

Once we have found the right person, the right training needs to be provided. We work closely with JTL Training to ensure that the training our Apprentices receive meets with the industry recognised standards and leads to the qualifications needed for an ECS gold card.

JTL is the largest training agent for the electrical industry in England and Wales. Training and assessment is delivered by a mixture of college based theory and site based experience with assessments to test knowledge progression and demonstrations of competence over the training programme. The training program will take approximately 48 months to complete.

DES benefits significantly by taking an active role in the training and development of their staff. An apprentice will provide support to the business but also need to be supported and nurtured by their company and training provider. This three-way support is key to successful employment and company development.

“Over the years the DES Group has demonstrated dedicated commitment to helping young people in the North West develop their prospects and become fully qualified electricians. DES are a valued partner to JTL and their apprenticeship programme has helped dozens of trainees realise their employment goal and achieve a career within the construction industry”.

Tony Lett
Electrical Training Officer
JTL Training – Preston