DES has established a reputation for providing early stage M&E design and expertise to help clients produce cost effective build solutions, delivering added value for the client.

We utilise our unique understanding of the M&E construction processes to optimise the design and delivery process.  DES join the team right at the start (working together with the Main Build Contractor, Architect, Consultants) to be involved with planning, assessing buildability, cost estimating and value engineering.  Our in-house design team will provide a comprehensive design and build facility at stage C & D often working at risk – without an order.

DES passionately believe that this is the key to ensuring both programme and cost certainty for clients.

We will maximise value to our clients and where possible work together to attempt to bring forward the completion of the project.  By being involved in the early stages of this project we work either with our or the client’s designer, and a strong team ethos is established to produce the most cost efficient project.

Construction works typically start earlier and there is more certainty of cost and time.  Furthermore, with this process there is far less chance of last minute surprises, however even when there are changes these are accommodated without fear of ballooning cost.