Our Supply Chain

We see our supply chain as much more than just sub-contractors and suppliers. They are a proud extension of DES. Therefore, our aim is to make our supply chain a reflection of our company and help to continuously support and aid our supply chain. As a result we make huge efforts to choose the right companies, and to maintain and improve our relationships with them over the long term.

Our approach is to build strong, open and positive relationships with suppliers and providers which share our values, and to make them an integral part of our business.

Engaging with a fully integrated supply chain throughout the construction process, from initial bid through to award and practical completion, will provide all involved with new and exciting opportunities.

DES is committed to a local supply chain wherever possible. This is achieved through working with local companies near to the location of the project. We aim to operate within a 50 mile radius to fully appreciate the multiple benefits gained from localism.

Working within the local community has shared multiple benefits these include local knowledge, local people, support for the local economy and a smaller carbon footprint.

If you would like to join our Supply Chain please email info@desgroupuk.com to which a PPQ will be sent to you to complete and return.

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